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The Stargazer TV | September 24, 2018

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A Swarm Of The Sun • The Rifts

| On 18, Feb 2015

Their last album ‘Zenith’ is already from 2010. So after five years I am pretty excited to see that they are still alive and releasing a new album!

Zenith was a heavy and intense album. ‘The Rifts’, released on January 30th 2015 is still intense and heavy but in a (slightly) more experimental way. The heavy parts are darker and even more immersive than before. The album has a lot of quiet piano parts and silent guitar shreds. Some songs don’t even make it to an epic height but keep wandering in a world where The Seven Mile Journey is not far away. The song ‘Years’ for example pleads for the beauty of piano. Not a single guitar string or drum beat dares to interrupt this song. In the title song after ‘Years’ rhythmic snaredrums are eager to unleash a new chapter in this story. Drums are pushing you forward from the beginning to the end while the repetition and constant pace keeps you in line. The longest song of the album ‘These Depths Were Always Meant for Both of Us’ starts of with a gloomy intro with guitar shreds, a repetitive melody and low noises that sound like the earth. Once you can feel the earth through the sound the song explodes into a climax that takes your awareness of being and holds it just in front of you. (Does that even make sense?)

A lot of work is done to make this album sound like a world on it’s own or someone’s live in that world; intense, emotional, big and fragile. Repetitive and stretched song structures together with the typical synths they use and the distorted guitar shreds make this album an immersive story. Those kind of stories you can only find in Scandinavia.

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