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The Stargazer TV | September 24, 2018

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The Stargazer TV is a music, film, and art channel that offers an inspiring gaze into the artistic world. Being artists ourselves, this channel is a window on our own artistic work, other artists we believe in, and the things that inspire us.

The Stargazer Store is run by The Stargazer TV in cooperation with dunk!festival and dunk!records. Together we try to offer a small but nice segment of the immense collection of records that are out there. Our own personal taste is the only guideline to fill this store.

The Stargazer Magazine is a high quality print magazine focussing on alternative music, in particular post-rock, post-metal,… The magazine appears two times a year. Each magazine has different subjects but the spring edition contains a dunk!festival special and the fall edition has everything you need to know about Aloud Music Festival in Barcelona. Each issue has the complete line-up introduction, several interviews, reviews, lots of images and other relevant stuff for the European post-rock fan.

The Stargazer Window is a small window in Ghent where all sorts of artists get their chance to show their artworks. Every once in a while an artist is invited to do whatever he or she wants with the space given. Also a small selection of records are being displayed.

All of this fits perfectly in The Stargazer Idea to support creative people in what they are doing with all their heart. The Stargazer is a project by the people of dunk!festival. Since 2005 dunk!festival is supporting bands from all over the world by offering them a stage to show what they got. Since 2011 dunk!records is releasing albums for some of those bands. But there is so much more great music out there that needs to reach your ears, so we are taking this store to another level.

The Stargazer HQ and dunk!HQ are both located in Zottegem, Belgium. From here we organize dunk!festival and small exclusive shows, release records and go out to interview artists we like or search the internet for interesting stuff.

The Stargazer Team is Guillian Maertens, Jeroen Cluckers and Wout Lievens. Video artists who also aim their cameras on other artists. That’s why they founded The Stargazer TV. Jeroen focuses primarily on video art and electronic music. Wout is drummer in Stories From The Lost, founder of dunk!records and part of the organization of dunk!festival.

Feel free to contact us anytime: jeroen[at]thestargazer[dot]tv or wout[at]thestargazer[dot]tv.