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The Stargazer TV | September 24, 2018

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Bands tell their story.

Barcelona, my own post-rock view of the city (by Astralia)

October 30, 2015 |

Living near Barcelona and having played Aloud Music Festival last year Roger Guzman, guitar player from Astralia is the perfect man to guide you through this amazing city during the weekend of AMFest.

Text by Roger Guzman, photos of Barcelona … Read More

Sergio Picón from Aloud • Interview

October 22, 2015 |

Sergio ‘Aloud’ lives and works in Barcelona. To be more specific, he is the founder of Aloud Music and all it’s activities such as Aloud Music Festival. We are loyal Aloud Music fans and never missed an edition of the … Read More

Caspian • Interview

August 14, 2015 |

In the weeks before #dnk15 we were able to ask a few questions to Caspian regarding their live reputation and touring. This interview was published in the first issue of The Stargazer Magazine and is available in The Stargazer Store.

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dunk!HQ • Celestial Wolves

May 28, 2014 |

An interview with Belgian post-rockband Celestial Wolves by Joris from dunk!festival (and Celestial Wolves), in which they talk about touring, future plans and the story behind their album Wood for Wood.



Music: Celestial Wolves – Persistent Vegetative State Celestial Wolves – … Read More

Mannheim • interview

March 27, 2014 |

,,It’s loud I think, especially live.”

And it sure was! Only two days after I got to play at cinéPalace Kortrijk with my own band All We Expected, I had the chance to see … Read More

Sleepmakeswaves • interview

March 18, 2014 |

Sleepmakeswaves from Australia performed at dunk!festival2012 with 65daysofstatic headlining that day. Afterwards they toured Australia and Europe together. We went to see them in De Handelsbeurs in Ghent and had a nice chat with both of them. You could already … Read More

Caspian • Interview

February 26, 2014 |

,,All hands on deck to make a song great. Whatever it takes.”

Our friends from Stereofox did an interview with Caspian before their gig in Berlin (January, 2014). – source

You can find Caspian on Facebook and Twitter.

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dunk!HQ • Lis Er Stille

February 13, 2014 |

Before their show at dunk!HQ, these nice lads made some time to have a chat with us.

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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dunk!HQ • Keira Is You

February 6, 2014 |

Before their show at dunk!HQ, we had a little chat with Keira Is You.

Started in 2008, Keira Is You has instantly gained recognition of the critics and media for their recordings, live performances as well as their “against the … Read More

65daysofstatic • interview + Await Rescue

December 5, 2013 |

The Stargazer TV and dunk!festival went to say hi to 65daysofstatic in Ghent (Democrazy). They explain how they write new music and the importance of bringing that music to a live audience. Live footage is taken at dunk!festival2012.

Interviewer: Joris … Read More